Saturday, March 14, 2020

Sunrise, Acts of Service, and Spiritual Growth

Posted by: Melissa Mockler

Saturday, a group of early risers started off the morning by watching a beautiful sunrise over the Smokey Mountains.


 After being served breakfast by the Long View Ranch staff, the Blazers took their turn serving the staff. They divided into five teams and set out to accomplish tasks around campus. These tasks included spreading mulch, picking up sticks, clearing multiple trails, cleaning windows, sanitizing their bus, and moving tires to prepare for Long View's annual Mudrun. The group took a break for lunch, before some people decided to continue helping around the ranch. This service opportunity was entirely optional, but still many students chose to participate. 

The team had a lot of free time to engage in different activities such as the game of mafia, card games, game room activities, and basketball. Some students chose to go on walks down the trails or visit the pond (just for the view, it was way too cold to swim) :)



That evening, the class had a Bible verse reading, that all the class was involved in. They talked about the meaning of Ephesians three and its practical application. That night they had a powerful worship service that moved many students to tears. The whole class is going through a very emotional time and dealing with many personal hardships. It was an incredible experience to see the class comforting one another and bonding together. Day three was a great success.