Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Freshmen Mission Trip 2022

Posted by: Peter, Peyton and Madison

We survived our first night at HEART with cats meowing, rooster crowing, and rain pouring! This morning the weather cleared and students had a variety of opportunities to engage in. One class did toilet, shower, and classroom cleaning, while others cooked a biscuit and gravy breakfast and then cleaned up. 
After our delightful meal, my (Peter) group cleared an area of old trees and brush and removed an old fence to make way for a new pig pasture. We were also rewarded by getting to ride Beauford the water buffalo. My group (Peyton) enjoyed a prayer walk and spending time harvesting in the garden. I (Madison) had an interesting experience learning to work as a team in tight spaces. We also learned to trust each other doing a trust fall.  Overall, we really enjoyed learning how to trust our fellow classmates while we having fun at the same time.