Friday, March 04, 2022

Local Mission Trip 2022

Posted by: Isabella Henrique

Today, March 4, 2022, we had the Juniors, Seniors, and Sophomores on our trip. We started with praise and worship and Mr. Linton gave a devotional about staying true to ourselves and not getting distracted by the things of the world. After the message we departed to Florence Fuller where we once again took care of the kids. The Juniors and Seniors stayed with the kids we had yesterday and the Sophomores got to go on the other campus which had older kids. Once again everyone enjoyed their time and we bonded with the kids. After Lunch everyone was excited to do Beach cleanup we even went in. A family from up North even personally thanked Mrs. Pelletier saying how impressed they are that we are cleaning up the beach. The beach was full of bonding and thanks from people at the beach and overall the day was a success in multiple ways