Saturday, March 11, 2023

Sophomore Mission Trip 2023

Today was a very long day, especially since almost the entire class was up by 6am to watch sunrise. We had a lot of fun working at The Oaks, a local Christian camp. We split up into a few groups and cleaned, planted, cleared trails of branches and trees, and chopped firewood. Afterward, we had a delicious lunch and went zip-lining!! When we came back to camp, we had some free time to clean up from the intense work followed by another delicious dinner. We met for small groups and a great worship session where Mr. Good closed us out with a powerful message. We found it interesting that as we work through Ephesians, every time Mr. Good had our deep attention and was getting ready to make a powerful point, the smoke alarm would go off and try to interrupt our focus. We were reminded that as much as Jesus fights for us, so does the devil, but in the end we prayed as a group and the alarm turned off on its own!!! It was a great day overall and we can't wait for church and hiking tomorrow!