Friday, March 24, 2006

Lake Wales, FL Day 2

The freshmen class woke up to find the weather in Lake Wales sunny and cool. They started their day by picking oranges and then squeezing them for their breakfast juice. After breakfast the students were then divided up to do chores such as picking cabbages, weeding the garden, doing dishes and working on the shower (which some decided by the looks of it, they would rather not use). Later in the morning they were going to do a ropes course, weave at the loom, take a hunger education class or even milk a goat. Lunch was going to be given in a "rich" man/ "poor" man style; which meant some would be served in abundance and others given a meager portion. Students would then have the opportunity to see how people in some countries are able to survive with very little and of course given the option of sharing. Please pray for our students as the facilities are a bit rustic and very different from home.