Friday, March 24, 2006

News from the HEART Institute

Posted by: Brenna and Kelsey
Today, we woke up at 6:30 and got ready to do our morning chores. Our group started off by picking weeds and such. Then the bell which summons us to our tasks led us toward breakfast, which was eggs, toast, grits, and fruit. After we ate, it was time for us to do our daily work. Our group began by cleaning the dishes. We got off easy, though, and got to juice the oranges instead. Well, anyway, we finished that and got free time, daily devotions, feeding goats, chickens, and bunnies, and then we did the ropes course which was quite fun. Dinner consisted of hot dogs that we cooked ourselves over the fire and smores!

Posted by: Tori
The best part about today was feeding the animals! The baby goats were so cute! We also fed bunnies and chickens and collected eggs from the hens (we had some of them for breakfast too!) Hope the rest of the trip is as fun as today!

Posted by: Chase
This is one of the coolest experiences I think any person could have. The many things we do and see at the heart Institute and it being like a third world country is completely enriching. I hope God works through everyone life, including mine, cause I know my life has already been changed!!! Sleeping is not cool (Tyler adds that this place is nice by day, but night is really inconvenient) but even so, it’s still awesome!!!

Posted by: Will, Ryan, and Dylan
Today during our free time we caught a snake (don’t worry moms and dads, it was only a nonpoisonous black racer) and we played with it. Then we thought it was dead, so we were like, “Oh, NO!!!” but he was alive, and we were happy and we named him Ephram. We fed the goats today too, and they almost trampled usJ This morning Rusty the cat ate a squirrel in front of our cabin and it was really gross! Tonight’s cookout was really good and we had smores.

Posted by: Miss Fisher
Today we city kids learned that roosters do not only crow at sunrise, but usually begin their morning cockadoodledooing around 4:30. After we cooked breakfast (yes, moms your boys were in the kitchen!) we started off into our labs. We pulled weeds, fed animals, did some team building at the ropes course, and learned about third world food and water struggles. The statistics about poverty and hunger in third world countries are staggering to most of us. To drive the point home, the H.E.A.R.T. Institute arranged for us to have a Rich Man/Poor Man dinner. Since two thirds of the world lives in poverty, two thirds of us were labeled poor and were given a small cup of chicken broth and a small chunk of bread. The fortunate third were served a lovely meal of spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, chocolate cake and the beverage of their choice. It seemed so unfair! But the point was made. And then cool things started to happen. Someone from the rich people’s table ran over and gave her salad to the folks at the poor person’s table! And then someone else ran her cake over. And someone else followed with his garlic bread…. I’ll leave you to wonder what happened next… ask your kids when they get home. Suffice it to say, I think we all got the point. We’re the rich folks in the world… the poor folks are out there even if we don’t see them eating at the next table. What are we doing about it? And when you take it to a spiritual level, it’s even more convicting. Those of you reading this message tonight might take a moment to pray for us. We’re going to have a sharing time around the campfire around 8:00 to talk about the events of the day… and by the way, God totally answered your prayers for beautiful weather!!! PS Sorry there aren’t any pictures yet. Lord willing we’ll be able to send some tomorrow.