Saturday, April 01, 2006


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Posted by: Joel

After leaving the high school around 6:30 this morning, we soon found ourself lost in the middle of the Miami's ghetto. A traffic jam on I-95 prompted Al to take the back-roads to MIA. The minute we pulled up to the airport, Gray pointed out that Alonzo Mourning (NBA basketball player) was in front of us getting into his range rover with his bling and ice and 26 inch rims. I think he even grilled me when I shouted his name out the window. hah
We then waited and waited and played cards and ate until our plane pulled into the jet-way. We boarded and luckily the plane was partially vacant so our class had freedom to pick any seating arrangement desired. We landed, passed through customs, and never saw English since then. As we stumbled out of the airport, the wall of Costafreekians all tried to grab our luggage to carry for us so we would tip them. Joey found the way out by ripping his bags away and shouting, "NO TOCA, NO TENGO DINERO!" Onto the bus we went where we greeted our guide Amanda and headed towards downtown San Jose and the market place where we went shopping. The market place was loaded with cheap, cheaply made goods. Tim was the winner as he came back to the bus with handfuls of full bags. All I heard as I passed through the market place was, Ehhh Amigo, Mira! Mira! 1.5 hours later, we arrived at our hotel, stopped by the local am/pm store, ate endless rice and beans dinner, par-took in devotions by Kathy and Shelly, and hung out around the hotel. Tomorrow we plan on joining the La Carpio church at the local river all day. Curfew in 10 minutes so hasta luego.

Add on from Faith: Please pray for us as we minister to those in La Carpio tomorrow as well as for continued safety. Thanks for the comments...we are enjoying them!