Monday, April 03, 2006

El Rio

Posted by: Kyle
Well...Mr. Spidell and his room awoke at 3:00 AM to a random, unfortunate wake-up call, but went back to sleep only to wake up again at 6:00 for breakfast. We met for a Costa Rican breakfast of eggs, fruit, and toast. We met up with another Joshua Expeditions group from Texas for breakfast and shared the bus with them on our way to El Rio (Thats spanish for "The River" for all you gringos). We had a 2 hr drive through the rainforest where we saw monkeys and birds and looked for sloths. We met the La Carpioian church at the river and then walked 1/2 mile to our picnic area by the river. At the river we played with the Nicaraguan children in the river. The guys and Mr. S played against the Costa Ricans in a futbol game. The Americanos team was creatively named "The Boca Juniors" by our excellent goalkeeper Brucey. We lost because Big Bruce let a penalty kick go through his hands and legs. Led by Christian, we taught the Costa Ricans how to play Football Americano, and Gray added a few hitting lessons (even though it was two hand touch). They fed us lunch and surprisingly we didn't have any rice or beans. We found some places in the river to jump off the rocks. Xtreme Timma got a few cuts and scrapes from jumping through trees into the water. Others did flips and still others fell off the rocks back into the water. We had to leave because of the rain and began our trek back to San Jose. We cleaned up at the hotel and then went out to eat. Chicken coated with cheese was the favorite of everybody except the lactose intolerant... and of course we had some refried beans with that. Back at the hotel we watched some traditional Costa Rican dancing (which was free) and then had our devotions. Kyle, Hunta, Gray and Kevin shared tonight. Well it's past my bedtime and we gotta work tomorrow so Adios Amigos...Oh yea Mr. Spidell found a cat at the hotel, in fact he is playing with it right now. im guessing he'll bring it back into his room and spread fleas to his roommates. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!!

Prayer Requests: All the little bumps and bruises from the river, and that we can effectively minister to the children tomorrow.