Saturday, March 24, 2007

Posted by: Meg and Gab =o)

Well No worries here!! Juniors are safe and sound in Phoenix, AriZONA!!!! And we have internet!! YES!! Soo…Loaded with around 5o stuffed suitcases the motley crew packed onto the bus at a very early 3:30 in the morning. The team landed smoothly into Atlanta and then on to Phoenix. After landing in Phoenix together the Juniors worked as quite a team in retrieving and loading the U-Haul with all except one of our bags…Hehe Josiah’s bag was eventually delivered to us at about 10 pm last night. Arriving at the Dream Center ahead of schedule we took a look around and then went off to lunch at Poncho’s a Mexican Buffet. It was AMAZING after a long flight on the plane! We headed back to the Dream Center to get ready for the nights revival and to unpack in our rooms. Unfortunately, one poor soul never got the memo to get their bag and her stuff was unloaded into the huge bucket of giveaways. Any guesses who that could be?? Upon realizing this, Gabby and friends ran to sort out her belongings. Thankfully everything was sorted out and found. HAHaha!
It was REVIVAL TIME!! The Juniors organized tons of clothes and items to give away to the homeless and prepared a couple of skits and praise and worship songs for the night ahead. The revival was very impacting! We fellowshipped with Church on the Street, fed the homeless, and heard some incredible life stories from some of the people that attended revival. Donny, Dan and Brooke led everyone in worshiping God with song along with homeless and disciples of the program. It was pretty Awesome!! We were especially excited to be able to teach everyone the song, “Marvelous Light” as we lead in “lifting our hands and spinning around!” Everyone loved it!! After quite a while of singing, sermons, and dramas extremely exhausted we met for prayer and reflection and then quickly went off to bed. Thank God for an awesome trip so far!! Please keep us in your prayers…WE MISS YOU ALL!!!