Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Final Word

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Mrs. Seely at our surprisingly fun square dancing session!

The Class of 2009 at the Grand Canyon

Caroline's near-death experience.

Yes, it is snow. No, it does not feel good when it hits you square in the face.

Cathedral Rock: an example of the famous red landscape of Sedona

Posted by: Steven

Today was yet another stunning day in the beautiful state of Arizona. We left our hotel in Flagstaff this morning, and rode to the city of Sedona (notable for its renowned rocky, red landscape.) We had the chance to eat lunch at a local Martian-themed diner in the area, providing a great time of fellowship (and a really good dish of vegetable teriyaki over rice!) After lunch, we hiked the Cathedral Rock Trail and/or went shopping at the local stores. Once again, God's creativity and majesty is so evident from atop a beautiful mountain surrounded by such tranquil silence. Following our few hours in Sedona, we departed for the Dream Center in Phoenix. We had the opportunity to enjoy a great dinner from "In-N-Out Burger" before returning to the church here.

This is a bittersweet blog entry as it is my final night sending news back home form Arizona. This trip has exceeded all of our expectations by far, and has been such an incredible blessing. Everyone here will testify, both students and chaperones alike, that this truly has been one of the greatest experiences of our lives, and I know I can say that with confidence. As a class, a family, and members of the body of Christ, we have all been impacted by this mission trip immensely. Together we have tried new things, conquered great challenges, overcome fears and struggles, grown closer to each other, and grown closer to God. I am incredibly thankful for this incredible opportunity as I know we all are. Once again, we would like to thank all of you back home for your consistent support and love; God has worked in tremendous ways through all of you and your prayers as well.

Tomorrow we depart from the Dream Center at about 4:30 a.m. t0 head to the airport for our early-morning flight. It will be hard to say goodbye to Arizona, yet we miss you all back in the Sunshine State and look forward to being home again soon. This trip has certainly been evidence that life is real, prayer is real, and Jesus Christ is real--period. No words could ever describe this entire experience effectively, and the only thing left to really say is praise God.
For the last time, good night and farewell from Phoenix.