Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our Last Work Day at Camp Biloxi

Posted by: Nick H. and Devyn H.

Our second to last day at camp Biloxi began
rainy and cold, but we kept ourselves busy
until the rain cleared up, allowing us to
work. Insurance problems still kept us from
doing any heavy construction, but the class
stayed optimistic and completed tasks
involving lawn work and removing construction
materials from houses that were being worked on.
The entire first floor of one of the homes
we worked on was flooded during the storm surge
caused by the hurricane,the homeowners could not
receive compensation for damage caused to their
home. Insurance companies in the area will not
grant flood insurance to certain homes which are
inland, but are still close to the ocean. After
our time working, we viewed a video documentary
produced by the local news-station in Biloxi
about the hurricane and the toll it took on the
community. Tens of thousands of homes were
completely destroyed leaving many people without
food and shelter. Even three years after the storm,
there are still shops and homes left standing that
show obvious signs of damage. We drove past entire
fields and empty lots were houses once stood.

Although we did not accomplish as much as we had
planned; we were still moved by the devastation we
saw around us, and by the impact Hurricane Katrina
had on the city of Biloxi.

Our plane leaves for home tomorrow at four (hopefully).
We're looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you for
all your support and prayers.

Nick and Devyn