Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 3: Adopt-a-block outreach

Posted by: Thomas

We woke up this morning early to go "march" with the men and women disciples. We ate breakfast and then we prepared for the busy day that we had. First we packed up and went to the First Assembly of God church. We loaded up the vans and went to a neighborhood and broke into smaller groups with a disciple and went door to door. We let the families know about what we were doing. ( We were having a childrens outreach to the community. Church on the street was giving away free food, clothes and a message to the parents.) Some of us met this kid named Will. He was pretty cool and entertained some of us. We played with the kids on the playground and danced with them and really enjoyed the first part of the day. We came home and ate lunch late and we were just in time for a wedding that was going on. (the s attended the wedding and the guys just chilled.) It was a really interesting story about how the groom and the bride met and married. After the reception was over, we helped set up for a "party" that church on the Street was having for some of the teenagers in the neighborhood. The party took place and we went to this room where "Atmosphere" was playing. Benji, Nick, and Andrea played for a worship service that was going on with the s here. They all sang and shared each of their testimonies. We have had a really busy day and we hope to upload some more pictures soon.