Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day at Church

Posted by: Megan Jones, Shannon Lee, Mrs. Wenzel

Good evening, all! We had yet another awesome day at Long View Ranch. Tennessee was exceptionally cold today, and everyone had to bundle up. We had breakfast at 8:45 this morning, which allowed everyone to sleep in for a little while. After breakfast we had personal devotion time, and then we loaded up in the bus to drive to church. The drive was about 45 minutes long, and along the way some students played games to pass the time.

We arrived at the church, which was based at Tusculum College. It was a rather small church - it was so small, in fact, that they usually meet in a cafe at the college. During the service the sophomores did three skits. The skit group performed very well. The preacher came up after some praise and worship and talked to us about the story about Ezekiel in the valley of bones. His message was that we have to listen to whatever God tells us to do, no matter how impossible it may seem. He has a plan for us in everything that we do. We had an ending song and prayer - afterwards, we headed down to the cafe to have a potluck lunch. Members of the church had all brought in their own dishes for us to enjoy - we had pulled pork sandwiches, scalloped potatoes, casseroles, chips, desserts such as cake and brownies, and iced tea and pink lemonade. It was all very good and we are thankful for their generosity.

After church, we went to Walmart so students could pick up things they needed or wanted. We stayed there for half an hour and left just a little bit late thanks to some sophomores who were on the wrong side of the store. Then we departed for Long View, arriving at about 3 PM. We had free time until dinner at 6, which was nachos. For devotions tonight we all headed down to a bonfire, wearing our warmest clothes. Some sophomores made s'mores and huddled close together with blankets for warmth. We had a time of sharing, songs and prayer. Some students have chosen to go inside to stay warm and not get sick, while others are going to stay by the bonfire for a little while.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. It is getting colder, and students are starting to get sick and dehydrated. We all need to be at our best health tomorrow, as we are going to be working hard for Long View once again.

We are all very tired, but excited with all the things that God has been doing for us. Over and out! ~The sophomores