Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Day of Blessing Others

Posted by: Megan Jones, Shannon Lee, Mr. Hood

Today was yet another great day in Tennessee! We departed Long View at 9:30 this morning for three seperate work projects. Mrs. Wenzel and Mrs. Sengberg took a group of four sophomores to help a work crew renovate the bathroom of Tom and Barbara (the couple expecting their second child on May 1st). They also removed three large shrubs from the couple's front yard, and delivered the baby basket, which was filled with things such as diapers, wipes, outfits, and toys. They were able to finish a bit earlier than expected and headed back to the camp. On the way back, they had a small incident with Tennessee mud - the van got stuck. Thankfully, they got out fairly quickly with the help of some friendly locals.

The second group was led by Mr. Mitchell, with another group of four students. They were going to build a new wheelchair ramp, but the bad weather caused them to forego that. Instead, they were able to renovate their porch, which had rotten wood and was in bad need of repair. One of the residents has MS, which would prevent her from leaving the house if the porch had not been repaired. When they were finished, Mr. Mitchell's group rejoined the largest group, which was ministering at a family's farm.

The farm work consisted of several different projects. One group went to the barn, which needed a new coat of paint. However, it soon began to rain too heavily to continue the work, so they joined the group working on the house. That group was removing the rotten wooden siding and carting it off to a trailer. One of the tedious tasks was removing all the nails from the wood. A third and final group of three boys was involved in repairing the barbed wire fencing. The family that we were blessing with our work had a single mother with four boys, three of whom were working side-by-side with us during the day. One of the family members explained how thankful they were for our group by stating that it would have cost 3 to 5 thousand dollars to have hired workers to do the jobs that we did.

We had another run-in with Tennessee mud as the farm group was going to leave. We were pulling out of the drive way when we backed into the grass, which had looked perfectly solid at the time, and got very deeply stuck in mud. We spent an hour and a half to two hours trying to get the bus out of the mud, and thankfully, with the help of a lot of teamwork and prayer, we were able to make our way back to the camp.

An exhausted group had dinner a little late. We had barbequed chicken, beans, corn souffle, cole slaw, and ice cream for dessert. After dinner we had a little bit of free time before devotions. For devotions, the group played a game and had praise and worship. When that was done, we all gathered around a warm fireplace to share our thoughts and experiences for the day. We are all grateful for each other and the friendships that are being built with classmates we might not have usually spent time with back at home. The Lord is moving in our lives and we look forward to the next couple of days here in Tennessee.

We're tired. Goodnight. Love, the Sophomores.

(Too tired to put pictures in tonight.)