Saturday, March 28, 2009


Posted by: Andrew Hanssen

Day 2
Today was a great day from waking up and helping around the Dream Center to the Children's Outreach! We woke up and had breakfast and then helped around here. Some of us helped sort out clothes and some did more cleaning or maintenance work, so it was fun. Then we met around the pool and listened to Maurice share his AWESOME testimony of where he came from and how God has changed his life.
Maurice was a drug addict and rebellious kid. He was in and out of prison and almost killed a lady right before he realized that he was missing something. He was supposed to be in prison for life because it was his third time there, but God had mercy and he only served five! At that time he was 46, and now is 51. 2 months ago he, for the first time in 11 years, spoke to his daughter and grandson. He shared how we have a great start to our lives in Christ and need to build upon that.
Oh, (to Ben Braga and Jessica Demelo) Rolando remembers you and says "HI". He said he wants to send a picture with me back to you. He is doing really well and, I believe, he's graduating from here on Sunday! Praise God!
Then we went to the Market and bought some munchies! We saw some interesting stuff.. such as <------------Beef Head, which Matt really wanted, and whole chicken, head and feet too. After lunch we went to the mountains. That was Awesome! It's really cool to see God's creation from on top of a mountain! Only a few scrapes and bruises. Nick, Jamie, and Brandon went further than anyone. That was cool. Something we couldn't really do...

We came back for dinner and helped load a truck with food for the Children's Outreach! It was AWESOME to go there!!! Benji, Matt, Chase, Jamie, Thomas, and I went with a disciple knocking on doors and inviting people to come.. well some were a bit scared.. meanwhile, the rest of our group was setting up and playing with the kids. They were sooooo cute! Some were a bit rebellious and stubburn and some fights broke out between them, but not much more than an angry wrestle.. haha They were so happy to have us there! Just to be able to sing songs, play games, face paint, and make bracelets made them so happy!! Lets just say Kirsti and Devyn wanted to take them home. These kids come from mostly poor and rough homes, so it was so nice to get to minister into their lives!
We came back tonight and had a worship service. They just sang praise and worship and let everyone worship as they please!
Yey tomorrow we wake up earlier and march with the disciples!

Please keep praying for us! We are having a great time and really learning a lot from these people. They have a HUGE heart for Christ! It's soooo AWESOME to see!! I know we can learn a lot about God from them!

We're praying for the missions trips! Hope all is going really well!
God Bless You ALL!!