Saturday, March 28, 2009

Roosters, Logs, Carpet, and Goat Hooves

Posted by: Gordon, Tyler, Casey, and Lauren W

This morning the camp awoke to the continual sounds of a rooster crowing to which we found had no off button on it. Also, many of the surrounding cabins woke up to the sound of Casey falling off of her bunk bed "top bunk" because the ladder had moved. Our group, group C "The G's," including Gordon, Mr. Calder, Lauren, Casey, Abbey, Pam, Valentina, and Tyler, began our day by removing harmful and dead plants out of the garden. A lovely breakfast followed our hard work consisting of pancakes, sausages, and fresh squeezed orange juice.

After fully filling our stomachs, we loaded on a bus and headed out to a local home which was donating carpets to the institute. Our mission was to pull the carpeting from the floor, load it on a trailer, and ride it back to camp. Another group took on the strenuous task of relocating a tree, roots and all. A third group raked what seemed like acres of leaves in a house that is rented out (for free) to needy and/or recovering community members. After a job well done (and some sore backs), we were rewarded with a nice lunch of subs, chips, peaches, cookies and fresh lemonade.

Right after lunch, the "G's," embarked on an activity relating to the importance of a strong community. The place we learned these important lifelong skills was the H.E.A.R.T. Institute ropes course. Our first activity was based on communication skills, where we all had to succesfully pass four balls around a stretched circle four times, shouting each others' names before each pass. This taught us how to work as a group using communication. The next challenge taught us how to work as a team to accomplish a goal. We were each given one tube, which we all connected to each others' to try and move a golf ball, then a marble, and then a smaller marble, to a wall 30 feet away. We were forced to work as a group moving the ball down the line without letting it stop. Our group accomplished all 3 trials without 1 error. This alone just proves what we could accomplish if we work together!

In the final task, we had to learn to trust each other and persevere in the long and strenuous task of switching places on a wobbly log. First Val and Lauren completed the challenge in perfect synchronization. Then Tyler and Gordon tried something never tried before - Gordon spreaded his legs as far apart as possible without falling off, then Tyler slowly inched his way through Gordon's legs until he was clear. Then they both walked off the log successfully completing the objective. Casey and Abbey followed who with one swift but car4eful step passed each other and gracefully walked off, receiving a warm round of applause.

We then learned how the camp irrigates and saves their water supply (which clearly we didn't learn very well because we can't even explain it). The final event of our long but fun afternoon was to feed and cut the hooves of goats living at the Institute. Tyler bravely took the food to all of the goats, even after being told they may attack. Thankfully, no goat was in bad spirits and it was a successfull dinner for all animals involved.

After this we proceeded to cut the hooves on a goat. Immediately Valentina stepped up and began cutting like she had been doing it forever. After dinner we will have some devotions, in which the Spirit of God will move in our hearts. I personally hope that each day here will be as perfect as this. God Bless, and keep praying!