Monday, March 22, 2010

5th Day Ministry Day

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Ministry Day at Escuela Cristiana de Jacagua

The day started early to prepare for the 2 hour-drive along the interstate. Mrs. B showed us her moves as our class met the senior class of Escuela Cristiana de Jacagua (Christian school in Santiago). Each of the members of both classes introduced themselves, what they like to do, and future plans. A few of our classmates were a huge hit with their seniors; one was even serenaded (sorry Jamie). Charles and Matt were a hit with the girls in the senior class. The girls all wanted to take pictures with them. One girl really liked Charles and loved the picture she took with him. One girl said that if we left Matt there, he would be married in 3 days. We distributed Christian books and 2009 Serve-A-Thon shirts. The shirts were a big hit with the seniors. We ate lunch and then left the school campus. Mrs. B introduced us to a few neighbors, and we had the opportunity to pray with each of them. The students also passed out tennis balls to the boys, stickers, and temporary tattoos to the girls in the afternoon classes. Benji and Charlie played catch with some of the boys. Kids were cool to get to know. All of the seniors enjoyed spending time with one another. It was a 2 hour-drive back to Puerto Plata. We had another awesome meal cooked by Norma. Tonight we looked at some of the prophecies that are fulfilled in the New Testament, all pointing to the realization of what Jesus Christ was then and is to us now. We took a casual walk under the stars on the beach. We are all looking forward to a great day snorkeling off a catamaran.