Friday, March 19, 2010

Posted by: Mrs. Barnhill

We made it safely to Phoenix after about 11 hours of travel (via Philadelphia!). But we landed early, which was good because it took quite awhile to get all 55 pieces of luggage into the rental bus shuttles, and into the rental cars - with room for students, too! We enjoyed a sunset hike at Papago Park, reveling in God's creation and the differences from Florida. Then dinner and off to the Dream Center, where we were met by Rudy, our host here at the Dream Center. He helped us with our rooms- but it was after 11 when we finally settled in, so we're looking forward to a peaceful sleep and an exciting day of ministry tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To our faithful brothers and sisters in Christ - Co-laborers. We are praying for you, that your love may abound more and more and that you would discern the will of God. Keep on!
-Mrs. Riter

3/19/2010 9:55 AM  
Anonymous Ruthie Weil said...

Blessings to you all! I can't wait to hear about how Jesus works in and through you! We are praying for you everyday!

Mrs. Weil

3/19/2010 1:47 PM  
Anonymous Garth Sangree said...

After all the confusion...I'm glad that Christian now has his guitar! I really wish I could be there with you guys now. Prayin' for ya and hope you all will touch the lives of others.
- Garth "Vader" Sangree
(PS WoW! Mrs.Barnhill, thanx for staying up until this morning for this update)

3/19/2010 11:00 PM  

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