Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sophomores ROCK!

Posted by: Pamela Saavedra & Gordon Stemper (Mr. Hood is our Advisor)

Our eventful day began at the crack of dawn, as we awoke to a smoky(aka foggy) morning in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. A short walk to the dining hall was rewarded with a delicious meal courtesy of our wonderful hostess Mrs. Widmaier. Our devotions continued with our study of Philippians. We circled up and one by one quoted (or read) the assigned memory verses. At the conclusion of our short study of God's word; we marched out to begin the day's work.
On arriving to the near by forest Mr. Widmaier informs us of his plan to make a fire pit for his upcoming campers in the summer. Our task was to uncover (and we mean uncover) large rocks to help build the fire pit. As you can see we had a bountiful harvest of rocks!

The class was then split into four work teams. One team to clear the trails around Long View Ranch of fallen debris from their stormy winter. Another team reconstructed a fallen fence surrounding the horses. The next team painted the newly built fences to match the existing ones, while the last team built the walls of the newly constructed barn. After a full mornings work, lunch was served, followed by continued work on the projects from the morning.

After the work had been completed and met the high standards of Long View Ranch the class headed back to their rooms for free time. During free time the students decided to use the game room, where Gordon defeated Mr.Spidell for the coveted Long View Ranch ping pong Championship. Others decided to play basketball while some enjoyed relaxing on their bunk beds.

The ringing of the dinner bell signaled the end of free time and our class rushed for a well deserved meal after a hard days work. Dinner was followed by surprise dessert of well loved ice cream cake. Following dinner we began to play a game involving a different variation of musical chairs. After many laughs the game was ended for a time of evening devotions. Individual time was given for prayer and reading of God's word, with an emphasis on the study of Philippians. Mrs. Riter then led the class in a spiritually moving praise and worship session, where we all sang and discussed what it meant to be humble before the Lord. A powerful finishing hymn was sung and students were challenged to focus on the word of the song. After the spiritually rejuvenating time with God the students were given an hour of free time until lights out at 10: 30.

SBS signing off for some well deserved rest after a productive day at Long View Ranch.