Saturday, March 20, 2010


Posted by: Pamela Saavedra & Gordon Stemper (Mr. Hood is our Advisor)

The camp awoke to a beautiful, but extremely early day with the Smoky Mountains fully visible as well as our breath. After difficultly waking up and getting ready the class jumped on a bus heading over to Greeneville, TN(the birthplace of Andrew Johnson the 17th president) in order to first eat a hearty breakfast with the group from Disciple's Point, except one problem we had to figure out which church was holding the firewood chopping party.

After breakfast Dave Widmaier shared the impact we would have on the needy families of the area by supplying them with firewood to maintain the warmth in their homes during the winter when they couldn't provide it for themselves. The bus then took us through the hills of Tennessee, into the deep forest. Army trucks, owned by Disciple's Point,were brought in, and the wood began flying! Workers from the Greeneville Fire Department used chainsaws cutting up large pieces of firewood. The sophomore class then organized into lines, and using team work lifted large and heavy logs onto the trucks. After the truck was completely filled (16 ft high and 12 ft deep) to the top, The trucks would drive over to a warehouse where the larger logs were chopped into 4 sections, then stacked. The smaller logs would be tossed on to a massive pile, where they would be used as kindling.

After loading for a few hours we were treated to Papa John's pizza and free ice cream. After our gracious lunch, the class fully loaded up two more trucks for a total of six truck loads of firewood. Following this a class picture was taken in front of one of the trucks. It was then off to Walmart and then back to Long View. The class enjoyed two hours of much deserved relaxing free time before dinner. Dinner was Long View Ranch's famous Roadkill Roundup ("possum and squirrel"), mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese casserole, their famous warm rolls accompanied by homemade raspberry jam- YUMMY!
The evening ended with a sharing time around the bonfire a conclusion to another awesome day on this missions trip. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! We will be at church with Disciple's Point.
SBS signing off and dropping off to sleep!(We are exhausted)