Friday, March 15, 2013

Crazy Fun Bus Ride #2/Crazy Awesome Start of the Trip

Posted by: Chris Shafer

Hey guys, it's us from the Sophomore Mission Trip again. We left Columbia at 7:30 am and headed Northwest to Tennessee. The roads were much more twisty and elevated than home in Florida. After 2 hours, we crossed the boarder and I played Rocky Top Tennessee. We passed a bluff with water flowing out of it, but the water was frozen. We finally got here to Long View at about lunchtime, where we were served delicious pulled pork sandwiches. We then got to work and did an assortment of things. The girls (Cristina, Morgan, Tess, Michelle, and Jenna - Amanda had to skip out because of her horse allergy) went to the stables to take care of the horses and clean the saddles. Mr. Hood took me and a group of five other guys (Louis, KJ, Brett, Sebastian, and Cam) to cut logs for Mr. Widmayer's cabin. We cut up enough wood to last him almost the entire winter, which is worth approxamately $600. The third group (Blaize, Mitchell, Christian, Casey, Kevin, Trent, Matt, Danny, Hunter, Collin, Josiah, Mr. White, and Amanda) went and built paintball bunkers. After that, the praise team practiced as everyone else went on break. We had baked ziti and garlic rolls for dinner, and for dessert, apple pie with ice cream. After dinner we sat in our circle and quoted (or read) our verses from Ephesians which we are working to have memorized by the end of the week.We had  Praise and Worship and then a discussion on our thoughts from morning devotions. When I was helping lead worship, I am sure that I saw everyone praising God in their own way. During Devotions, we read chapter 2 in Ephesians and God certainly spoke to each of us in many ways. And at prayer time, everyone prayed. It was an incredible way to end our first day at Long View!  We then went out playing manhunt. It's now around 10 and we're all turning in for the night. Keep us in your prayers and we will keep you in ours as well. Until tomorrow, this is the BRCS Class of 2015 signing off.