Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lots of ministry!

It's been an action-packed couple of days! Friday we started out at 6:00 am. One team went to CASS, the government-sponsored homeless shelter, to feed the homeless, one group went to a small children's outreach breakfast at the Ocotillo neighborhood, and a third stayed to attend the women's breakfast and Bible study at the Dream Center.  After a quick breakfast, we hurried off to the St Mary's food bank to pack food bags in the warehouse.  We worked hard and fast to beat the record of the previous day's group. We were on track to beat them, but they ran out of storage room, so we had to stop. The afternoon was spent practicing for a flash mob that evening, which unfortunately didn't happen; the Lord had other ministry in mind for us.  After our 4 pm dinner, we had a wonderful time of devotions led by Monica.  She talked about the church at Laodicea and encouraged us to be on fire for the Lord, not lukewarm.  A good discussion followed, and all felt blessed.  We then piled into our vans to evangelize and pass out tracts at the downtown light rail station.  We had a number of good conversations, including prayer with a group of break dancers.  Christian joined in and led us in prayer. The day ended with a visit to Mill Avenue in Tempe, where we joined the disciples in cross-walking (walking with a cross on wheels) and evangelism.  Again, we had many opportunites to plant seeds.

After a short night's rest, the girls were up again at 6 for marching with the disciples, chanting and singing.  The men followed at 6:30.  After breakfast we attended at soul-winning class, then headed to a couple of different ministries. 

We're still in the middle of a busy day, so we'll leave off here, but we're doing well and loving what's happening here at the Dream Center!

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