Friday, March 15, 2013

New Friends, Tough Goodbyes

Posted by:  Local Group
     After spending 2 days on the campus of Children of Purpose Christian Academy, we have new friends.  As different as our  lives are, we united for a common purpose and not only did we get a job done quickly, we had fun in the process. 
     Knowing what our goal was today, we got right to work as we arrived on campus.  Armed with cleaning supplies, we washed windows and cleaned the surfaces to be painted as paint was poured into buckets and the transformation of the K4-K5 classroom  and kitchen began.
     By lunch time, the work was almost complete.  After giving the paint time to dry and filling our bellies with lasagna, we went back to doing touch up work.   Working side by side with some great people to accomplish a task changed lives.  One student said that this was "one of the best times I have ever spent serving others.  The kids, faculty and staff were so sweet and thankful."  Leaving was difficult and said.  In the 2 short days, friendships were developed.  We were showered with thank you cards from the elementary students.  We left a part of our hearts there, and brought a piece of C.O.P. home with us.

Two schools... one purpose.

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