Monday, March 18, 2013

Stanco Ma Felice

Posted by: Brittney and Sarah
Woke up this morning ready to be filled by the gospel! Our praise and worship team led the entire congregation in worship. Afterwards, a graduation for the disciples there that are apart of the Dream center. Pastor Pete spoke on fear, and kept the congregation awake and alive through laughter. Not a student left unchanged. We eventually went to Piestewa mountain for our second hike! Trails up the mountain was the majority, but it had it's parts where you had to free climb up the mountain. At more than 700ft the junior class conquered the mountain together standing at it peak. It was an exciting accomplishing task and a hard one at that! It took a long 45-min hike up and back. It was definetly satisfying to be on the ground again. Realizing our tummies had been growling we decided to celebrate by going to a Mexican restraunt to fill up our hunger. Ending the day with devotions and shared our inspirational and heart touching  testimonies.