Saturday, March 16, 2013


Posted by: Chris Shafer, Michelle Davila, Jenna Schuppner
Hey, we're back. Last night, it took a while to get to sleep. Although finishng the blog kept us up late, that's ok because we're keeping you all up to date. This morning a number of us came out and watched the sun rise. The view of the sun peaking over the Smokey Mountains was beautiful. Tess played her guitar during it and that just added to the inspirational feeling of the morning.

Today we joined the members of Disiciples Point Church in cutting down firewood. This firewood goes to help people in need to keep their homes warm during the winter. The work was definitely strenuous, but also rewarding to know that we will provide a necessity for the less fortunate in the area.  Everyone in the class worked very hard as we loaded trucks with logs of all sizes - some very large! An Alaskan Huskie puppy named Bear kept us company and was very cute.

For lunch, we went to the Church of God that was providing the tree cutters their food. They were so friendly and nice there. You could tell that the Spirit was in them. After logging was completed we stopped at a waterfall, made a quick Walmart run and then headed back to camp. During the free time before dinner, Mr. White cut Chris Shafer's hair as he requested - so now he looks just as good as Johnny White. Toight at Devotions, the passages from Ephesian we have been memorizing came togther more smoothly. God is with us. Tomorrow morning we will join Disciples Point for their church service.  We are looking forward to a wonderful time with other believers.  Keep us in your prayers and we will keep you in ours as well. Until tomorrow, this is the BRCS Class of 2015 signing off.