Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day One!


Blogger Anne Bosworth said...

Yay! Pictures!!!

Hi Freshies! Love you all so much! We are all praying like crazy for you, and are SO PROUD of you! A little bit of Mama Bosworth wisdom: Lean in. Lead forward. Lean into the discomfort of the work and/or conditions that feel the hardest. Pray and draw deep on your courage from God to help you understand the richness of His blessings upon your lives. Ask Him to help you use the hardest things to love and serve others in His Name. Be patient and humble with one another—fearlessly daring to put aside offenses and insecurities to get to know, love, and serve each other.

Keep those blogs and pictures coming. We miss you all tremendously, but we are thrilled to see you growing before our eyes!

Love you all…especially my little gnome girl (ha! Sorry Allison…hadda do it…but I love you more than breath and life!)

Mama Bosworth

3/24/2015 1:49 PM  

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