Monday, March 23, 2015

Life is Brief-Live it for Him

Posted by: Rachael Fleres

Today was an interesting day. We got up normal time, ate breakfast (pancakes and sausage!) and then we were on our way. We went down to an old home that was owned by a wonderful man but hasn't been lived in for 7 years! He passed on late last year and donated his home to the Holston Home for Children. Our job? Clearing out the home, the basement, the yard, and the shed. Boy, was it hard work! But we did it! We ate sandwiches for lunch, but it was a quick break before working again. It was also amazing because they said that we need to throw everything out so we were able to keep whatever we thought was awesome! It was great! But we are so tired and grateful to be back at home base of Long View when the work was completed. Movie night and Tyson's legendary kettle corn finished of the day! Yes!!!
Sophomore's memorizing verses from Ephesians. 
David, Ismael, and Jonathan read a Bible from 1880 that was found inside the home.

Shout outs
Hey, Charles (in Arizona)! ~ Sophia, Helga, and Rachelle
Olivia and Hannah in Arizona- Love and miss you guys! ~Vanessa
Cristina in Costa Rica- Love and miss you girl! ~Vanessa
Hey Josh and all the freshmen - make it through your trip and Long View Ranch is like banana pudding! :-) Mr. Hood and all the Sophomores!

From our class to your home, with all the love from our Father. Good Night.