Saturday, March 21, 2015

Loving by Logging

Posted by: Rachael Fleres

"I've been working on the railroad
Just to pass the time away
Can't you hear the whistle blowing
Rise up so early in the morn" ~John Denver

Work we did! We were up and at breakfast by 8 o'clock and then we read Ephesians 3, taking notes and contemplating the word of our Lord. Not long after we were all loaded on the bus and on our way to the logging site. There, we broke into two groups and passed wood piece after wood piece to each other making lines of wood. By the end we were all so tired and ready to sleep but we are grateful that this wood will keep a home warm in the winter. However, our need for food came first. We went to the church and enjoyed hamburgers, chips, tea, and cookies-all of which were amazing. To finish off our day on the town, we hit the Walmart for 45 minutes. Finally, we were back at Long View for some free time. Some hiked, some went to the lake, some slept, and some played the games. Everyone had fun in some way though. Then, later, we all gathered for worship, devotions (in which we discussed Ephesians 3) and a scrumptious dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and biscuits. Yum! We end the day with a game of man hunt and tomorrow we get up bright and early. But tomorrow's chapter shall be saved for tomorrow. 
We would all appreciate your prayers for good health and rest for our class. We have a day at church and some relaxing time tomorrow. 

From our class to your home, with all the love from our Father, Good Night!