Sunday, March 22, 2015

Paintball-but First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Posted by: Rachael Fleres

Our morning started off with a glorious sunrise and an equally glorious breakfast. Most of us were able to sleep in because of church which started at approx 11:00. So, with breakfast at 8:45 we were done and on the bus by 10:15. Church was held at Disciples Point with a small but welcoming congregation. We enjoyed donuts before the service as well as selfies with the pastor during the service! He spoke a great sermon about what we would do if we saw Jesus. How would we act? Then, at the end, the congregation laid hands on us while pastor prayed a blessing over us - it was very special.  They then took us out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was delicious! After all of this we came back and while half played paintball (shooting Mr. Hood a couple times) the others relaxed and played games. It was altogether a great afternoon. Finally, we finished the night with hamburgers and potato salad as well as yet another game of man hunt. After all, what would a missions trip be without it?

Pastor Tootie takes a selfie with Austin Smith during the service.

From our class to your home, with love from our Father. Good Night.