Sunday, March 22, 2015

VBS Day 3

Posted by: Michelle Davila

Today was my first day here in Pura Vida; arriving here this morning. I’m very excited to be here coming back from being sick at home for what felt a lifetime. When I arrived I felt so welcomed by everyone and we quickly left for VBS with the kids. There weren’t many kids there today but it was a blessing to be able to interact with them. I was really rough at my Spanish at first but I got the hang of it and got to talk to a lot of the kids.  IM SO EXCITED TO BE HERE! The kids are awesome and my nails look beautiful. (my little friend painted my nails.) Shout out to Mami. 

Student Shout Outs

“Hi mom. Love you” - Trent

“Shout out to Dirty Mike and the boys” – Guys Senior Class

‘‘Shout out to Mr. Smith’s chair!!!” – Josiah Smith