Sunday, March 22, 2015

VBS Day 3

Posted by: Michelle Davila

Today was my first day here in Pura Vida; arriving here this morning. I’m very excited to be here coming back from being sick at home for what felt a lifetime. When I arrived I felt so welcomed by everyone and we quickly left for VBS with the kids. There weren’t many kids there today but it was a blessing to be able to interact with them. I was really rough at my Spanish at first but I got the hang of it and got to talk to a lot of the kids.  IM SO EXCITED TO BE HERE! The kids are awesome and my nails look beautiful. (my little friend painted my nails.) Shout out to Mami. 

Student Shout Outs

“Hi mom. Love you” - Trent

“Shout out to Dirty Mike and the boys” – Guys Senior Class

‘‘Shout out to Mr. Smith’s chair!!!” – Josiah Smith


Anonymous Mr Hood said...

Hey Seniors! So happy to hear how wonderfully your trip is going! Glad that Michelle has joined you (fist bump w explosion!).
Tess, was that comment about lighting up teammates on paintball to me? Vague memory that I shot you? Well, Sophia got me back on that one for you. Very funny story that I'll tell you at home. I just told LVR staff that you said HI and they loved it!

3/23/2015 7:55 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

You're my shining star, so proud of you! Continue practicing your Spanish. Love Mami.

3/23/2015 8:47 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Mr. Smith and Mrs. Gutierrez Thank you, for helping make this trip a reality for my daughter.
God bless...
Ms. Davila

3/23/2015 8:52 AM  
Anonymous Hope Carpinello said...

Hi seniors!! These posts make me so happy! You have no idea how much these kids love you all!

Hey Louis and Trent, that girl you were carrying on the water cooler? That's my baby girl Arling! I sponsor her!! How amazing!

Anyway Casey will be able to meet her?!

Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back!!

3/23/2015 10:55 AM  
Blogger Anne Bosworth said...

Hi, Seniors! - Wow, do we ever miss you guys! :'( Yet we know that you have been working and training and learning for this experience over the last few years. You're ready!!!

Your freshmen pals are in the bus ("Eleanor") heading up to H.E.A.R.T. Institute even as I type this. They are nervous and excited just like you were a few years ago. Pray for their hearts to be touched deeply by Jesus that they might develop hearts for people whose lives are a constant struggle.

Know that we love you all so much, and we are so very proud of you. I am personally blessed to know several of you since the beginning of the year. My heart is so full of joy to think about all the ways that your growth and development as Christian young men and women has been reflected in the ways you love and serve one another at school. Now you're taking it all to Costa Rica.

I am praying daily for each one of you, because I love you all very much, and I'm grateful that God made you all so dearly and uniquely! Lead on, gang, with the love of Jesus and His Gospel of peace in everything you do.

Big hugs!
Mrs. Bosworth (a.k.a. Mama Bosworth)

P.S. - Special shout outs to Kiley, Michelle, Morgan, Cristina, Jenna, Warrior Girl Tess, Blaise, Casey, Collin, Josiah, Danny, "MitchLovesMuffinsBro,"and Trent…who ALWAYS makes me smile!

3/23/2015 11:31 AM  
Anonymous Chris Barbar said...

Chris Barbar
Praying for you all and hope you are having a great time which it seems like you are! The pictures make me so happy seeing the kids smiling faces and reminds me of my trip to Haiti. Seeing Amanda with them melts my heart lol <3 miss you! Cannot wait to hear all about it!!

3/23/2015 3:52 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Seniors! Hi Jenna! The children look so happy to have you all there. You all have been given wonderful gifts by God. I can not wait to hear about the trip! Jenna I love you. See you tomorrow.

3/25/2015 8:39 PM  

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