Saturday, March 12, 2016

Costa Rica Day #3

Posted by: Marianna Jane

Today was an exciting day! After getting ready for the day, the senior class circled up for prayer and then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast prepared by the cooks at Pura Vida. We enjoyed eggs, chicken, and cereal! TAG time (Time Alone with God Time) was followed after breakfast. When TAG time concluded, each of the three groups loaded up onto two separate buses and headed to our VBS sites. Each group taught the children about God through fun activities and then it was off to the waterfall!

The waterfall was very fun, but the water was very cold! The senior class enjoyed swimming under the waterfall and the slide the waterpark had! At the waterpark we also ate our lunch. Everybody enjoyed the park very much. Then, it was off to another VBS site. It was really amazing to see many children show up at each location we went to. We could really feel God’s power working through the time we spent with the children! Once VBS time was done, the seniors, Mrs. G, Mr. Wheeler, and Mr. Smith headed back to the missions site. Many were quick to run to the store to pick up the amazing ice cream sandwiches they have! Now we are having some downtime before dinner, then worship will come after that! Tomorrow we have Day 3 of VBS and then soccer at night!

Shout - Outs

Yo Daddy White, it’s Crusty Crab.

Hey Dad, ???? …. What did your last comment mean? – Savannah

Blake at Las Musas water slide.

Isaac teaching the VBS "sermon" about how God fought for Israel in the Old Testament.

Some of the Wheeldogs (Mr. Wheeler's team) at the VBS site.

The Wheeldogs.

The Smithereens (Mr. Smith's team).

The Mission house where we sleep, eat, worship, live.


Enjoying the waterfall at Las Musas during our lunch hour.

200 foot waterfall at Las Musas.

Today's VBS craft was making crowns because God is King.