Sunday, March 13, 2016

Costa Rica Day #4

Posted by: Marianna Jane

Today is Sunday, which means: church!

Everybody got dressed in their church clothes and ate breakfast. Many were tired due to a late night dance battle that occurred last night in the Pura Vida mission’s cafeteria. A fierce dance battle was fought between Blake Rosse and Catie Fleures but, it all turned out well! Nothing could stop them… Even when the power went out. Mr. Wheeler even joined in on the fun. Everybody is adjusting nicely to the mission’s site. We are getting used to the bugs, the heat (though it has been cooler the last two afternoons), the sunburns, and the sounds of animals. Many are starting to really love it, and say they will miss the missions camp once the trip is over! After breakfast, the group assigned for dishes and cleaning did their jobs and then it was TAG time. Today, we had a different speaker speak to our class today. Usually, Albert, the director of Pura Vida missions speaks a message to us before TAG time, but today Keilyn, a staff member at Pura Vida, spoke to us. She discussed sin, and what sins may be controlling our lives at the moment. It was very impactful. After her message, we had our TAG time before the senior class traveled to where church was being held this Sunday morning. Church was being held in a small building with metal sheets for walls. It was cramped but, the message was impactful and the worship music was great! After church, we came back to the mission’s site for lunch and then each group departed to their individual VBS sites. Many children from the previous days of VBS show up, but we are all constantly welcoming new children everyday! It is wonderful to be here in Costa Rica and see how God is working through each senior class student and chaperone on this trip.

Currently, we are having downtime before dinner. Many are wrapped up in playing board games and others are eager to visit the store down the street. The sun is setting beautifully and it is nearly time to eat! Tonight we are playing soccer so things should get interesting! I am sure many will get VERY competitive. Overall, it has been another very successful day in Costa Rica and we are eager for tomorrow’s day of missions!

Goodnight from Costa Rica!

P.S. We played soccer tonight! Mr. Smith's team won the Championship, with Mrs. Gutierrez's team in 2nd after an awesome penalty kick from Kerri, and Mr. Wheeler's team in 3rd.