Monday, March 14, 2016

Costa Rica Day #5

Posted by: Abbey Houren

Wow what an amazing day today has been.  Day 4 means the last full day of VBS, and it has turned out to be a pretty emotional one at that.

We started out our morning like any other. Another delicious meal made by the kitchen staff of Pura Vida followed by daily TAG time (Time Alone with God).  Before heading out for our last full day of VBS, Blake had to decide when he would get his “much needed surgery”. No one worry – it is just an ingrown toenail that he insisted on getting out in the country of Costa Rica. As Blake said, “This will be such a cool Instagram post.”

It’s Monday and that meant our VBS Ticos (Costa Ricans) would be at school and that we would not have many at our morning sessions. This gives us a great opportunity to play and teach with the few that don't have morning classes. We come back from morning session to Blake lying on the couch after his “surgery”. All went well but the only downfall is Sir Smith would not let him go to the local pizza parlor to get Wi-Fi. Was it truly worth it Blake? Lunch comes out and of course it’s delicious.

We headed out to our second site for the last time, and we were all pretty sad thinking this is the last time we will see these Ticas y Ticos. Mrs. G’s group got to their site and realized they are missing something. Bose? Bose where are you? Called back to the mission house to find out he is sound asleep in his bed! Of course we whipped that bus right around and got little Bosey (no skipping out on mission work!). Saying bye to all the children was so hard because you truly build strong relationships with them.

Dinner of course was amazing: rice, beans, meat of the day (tonight was chicken), and salad. Worship tonight also hit many people hard. Albert Senior finished our last worship night with an amazing sermon and completed it with Holy Communion. Seeing God work through each and every one of us tonight was amazing. So many people were praying together.

We ended the night with some wings from Crispy Wings; super yummy! Tomorrow we head to our last morning session of VBS and then off to the volcano and hot springs!

Will and his bff.

Beezer and his new friend.

The last day at Linda Vista.

Blake survived! He proceeded to ask to be babied the rest of the afternoon. Clearly it worked.

Joy, Olivia, Caroline, and Brynn making loom bands with some of the kids at VBS.

Lucien, Charles, Chase, Isaac, and Joy put on a puppet show during VBS.

The last day for Mr. Wheeler at La Union.

Marianna with Caila!