Saturday, March 12, 2016

Local Missions 2016 Day 2

Posted by: Vittoria Sottani, 10th grade

Day 2 was filled with blessings just like day 1! The morning devotion was great. Each of us expressed their personal experience about how our relationship with our earthly father, or mother,  affects what we think about God or what we think He might think about us. Our parents' behavior affects us more than what we can imagine, even if they are distant to us, and we can't really see what they are doing. God will be there ALWAYS, no matter what our parents do or did. This is what we were commissioned to teach those little kids from Florence Fuller.

Each student was brought back to the same class as yesterday, not only because the kids got really attached, but we did too! We spent time outside, played games, and taught them things. Mrs. Sengberg helped them brush their teeth! :)
Many of the kids wanted us to go to their homes, but we told them to hold on because we would be back on Monday, and that if they ever felt alone,  to remember that Jesus will always be there for them, as a best friend too.

We are looking forward for next week, and for what we will learn about God's word and to  positively impact more people's lives!

Mr. Rhodes and Uygar leading us with worship :)
 Roberto playing his guitar on our way to Florence Fuller :)
 Tucker playing with some of the kids at Florence Fuller :)
 V playing with some little girls as Princesses :)
 Tucker and V's class playing games outside :)
 Tucker talking to the kids as they ate breakfast :)
 Ready to go!
 V and a little girl from Florence fuller :)

Breakfast time! :)

 Gabriella playing with a doll :)