Monday, March 14, 2016

Posted by: Rachael Fleres and Mrs. Barnhill
 On Friday we went to St. Mary's food bank where we broke the seniors record of the amount of food packed in an hour. before we headed out to a park to a children's outreach. After we played with them well into the evening, we gathered up again and went out with Church on the street to go evangelize on Mill Avenue, the party street near Arizona State University. Many of us were pushed out of our comfort zones as we told people of Jesus' love as they headed to the bars. Saturday morning started with an evangelism class . Pastor Walt interviewed Mrs. Barnhill, Caeden, and Victoria, who shared some of the impact that the Dream Center has had on them. Then most of us headed to an outreach at Glen Rosa where we knocked on doors and invited people to come out for lunch and worship. After that was a break at the Dream Center that led us into small groups; some went to an Indian Reserve for basketball, others to a youth service at Phoenix First Assembly, which is now called Dream City Church, or to another children's outreach, this time in a housing project called Ocatillo. The night ended with a fun and friendly game of treasure hunt followed by a wonderful time of sharing. This morning was church. A couple of us went to help with the children's church while the others attended the service with the disciples. Our praise team got the place rocking with "Build Your Church," and we were challenged by Pastor Walt to continue evangelizing when we go home After lunch we went to another outreach at Chicken Park where we handed out food, worshiped, played sports, and made crafts. Last of the day was hiking at North Mountain Park, then to a delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant. When we arrived at the Dream Center we had last devotions before heading to our rooms to get ready for our last night here.
Junior Class at St. Mary's Food Bank
A group of kids playing basketball at Yapa Park
Callie and Rachael helping at St. Mary's
Sophia, Austin, Helga, and Kori with some of the kids at Yapa Park
Praise team singing with a man on Mill Avenue
A group of kids walk back to the Dream Center after the hunt
Callie helping out at Glen Rosa