Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guidelines for Adding Comments

Our mission teams appreciate the encouraging words left by others in the Comments section of the Blog. They'll try to get an internet connection and read them on the road, but if not they can all read the comments when they get home.

Anyone can add a comment to the Blog...you do not have to be a Blogger member! Here's how:

1. Click on "Comments" at the bottom of a post.
2. If you're not a Blogger member, choose the identity "Other."
3. Do not post an anonymous comment! Type in your actual name.
4. Type in your comment. Be aware that the Blog owner and everyone else who visits the Blog will be able to read your comment, so keep it positive and encouraging. Read it over carefully, because you will not be able to edit or delete your comment after it has been published.
5. Type in the word verification. (This prevents comment spam.)
6. Click on "Publish Your Comment."
7. That's all!

The moderator reserves the right to remove comments that don't follow guidelines.