Sunday, March 25, 2007

Better late then never

Posted by: The 221 boys

Well hello there again from St. Petersburg. We are all currently lying in beds in our hotel room (room 221) practically falling asleep. We have all been pretty much sleep deprived these past few days. Today we woke up pretty early and the girls came over from their church and ate breakfast with us. Then as some of the teams were getting ready to go out to other houses, we found out that the bus had an electrical problem and wouldn’t start. That was a little upsetting so we all had to stay at the church and hang out. Some of us painted, vacuumed, some even made lunches for us to eat. So Mr. Smith called up this sketch mechanic guy who came here and “fixed” the bus. Put it this way: in order to start the bus, you need to stick a screw driver near the ignition wires and jump the current…. Pretty interesting, eh? Well after the mechanic guy fixed the bus we all piled on and had a great three hour bus ride to St. Petersburg, where we went to Mr. Smith’s dad’s church and passed out flyers promoting an upcoming Easter Service. Then we had a great dinner at the church which was provided by a bunch of nice ladies. Next we went to Calvary Chapel; it was a great worship service. Then we came back here to the hotel; some of us went to Bob Evans and got more food, and the rest went swimming in the hotel pool. Now Mr. Smith has sent us to bed, and has just now announced the official “lights out”. So we, being the godly character we are, will follow directions. :) Good night, and so long from the boys in room 221! (Nick, Steven, Ryckur, and Ben)