Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The GRandest Canyon of ALL & A Rather COOL Surprise!!

Posted By: Marissa, Meaghan and Brittany

Brrrrr... that's right: SNOW!!!!! WOO HOO!!
Yes this just in, the Juniors have finally experienced a snow storm together!!
Today we all woke up early this morning to a shocking 42◦ and below. Brooke led us in devotions this morning; her topic was a rather great one, Purity. Quickly after, Kim Taylor, our tour guide from Joshua Expeditions gave a teaching on Intelligent Design and the Grand Canyon. Heading out to the vans we discovered that it was a bit chilly for us Floridians but boy did we love it! All layered with sweatshirts, jeans, hats, and gloves we began our wonderful day. It was a little bit of a drive from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon but as usual we had fun the whole way up. We arrived there 2 hours later to a very windy Grand Canyon Village and began to venture out onto its treacherous trails. WOW!! Once again God’s magnificent glory is clearly shone through this incredible natural creation. We took many many beautiful pictures and explored the great splendor of the Grand Canyon. A bunch of us decide to hike down to the bottom and some chose to walk the rim up top. For those that climbed down the sides of the Canyon they had no idea how much of a good work out they would get. Besides the fact, all the hard work was definitely worth it. Many were completely overwhelmed with the view of an amazingly, indescribable creation. What an experience!

Later we drove a little down the road to another sighting of the Grand Canyon with a huge Watchtower that over looked the divide from high above. I think I forgot to mention how much it began to snow…ALOT! We found ourselves in a pretty stormy flurry with snow covering everything all around us. It was so beautiful, we really enjoyed being able to see it and play around in it. The class is really looking forward to a snowball fight tomorrow morning before we head back to Phoenix for our flight. Finally the night came to an end as we stopped to eat at Galaxy Diner for a quick meal and then went on back to the hotel to share our “Love Bombs” (each persons compliments for another person) and then on to the hot tubs for a warm up. It was a blast! Wish us well tomorrow!

Home Sweet Home soon!! Awww!
We Miss everyone!