Sunday, March 25, 2007

Posted by: JO-SiZZ, Gab, and Meg =o)

Hello world of BRCS. Josiah here with the report of the day. This glorious day started with a lovely breakfast for everyone.... Well, not everyone. Anyone who could stumble out of their beds at 6:30 a.m. After that we sat in on a "soul winning" class where one of the pastors spoke. After that we went to an outreach they called "Adopt a Block". My group was mainly an outreach for the children. We handed out cards for a huge Easter egg hunt next Sunday. After going door to door, we had children's church with games, puppet shows, and pretty much anything you can imagine. The leader that went with us to this was quite spontaneous and excited to talk to the kids. After we were done with the outreach, we went back to the Dream Center, ate lunch, and then ventured out to Papago Park... And back to you Meg and Gab!

Alrighty!! Well Papago Park was by far the most amazing part of our trip so far if you ask us. We all got to experience God’s amazing creativity at its finest today as we went on a rather challenging “Hike”/Rock Climbing adventure. It clearly defined what an astounding and remarkable creator He is. As the junior class explored the mountains, although separated, all groups worked together to climb to the top. We were able to show a servant’s heart in helping each other reach our goal.
After a very long hike back down to the bottom; we gathered together for a time of reflection. We all opened up and shared what was on our hearts so far on the trip. We returned back to the Dream Center where Josiah and Erik lead our devotions for the night. We are EXTREMELY tired and well ready for a good night’s sleep. GOOD NIGHT!!!