Monday, March 22, 2010

Car Blog

Posted by: Cole Strandberg, Alicia Feldi, Kimberly Higgins, Shannon Lee, William Hood III, and Mrs. Barnhill

Sorry we haven' blogged much,but we have been very busy and extremely blessed. We have been doing outreaches throughout the week. For example, Saturday night, we did a kids outreach and an outreach with the homeless. It definitely opened up our eyes and helped us see how blessed we truly are. After hearing the stories of some of the homeless, we came to the realization that these people have the same needs and emotions as everyone else. Afterwards, we had a great discussion about what we had experienced that day, and how God has impacted us on the trip so far. Sunday, after a lively church service, we all went to another homeless outreach, in which two people accepted Christ. Praise the Lor! Later in the day, we all went hiking and mountain climbing at South Mountain Park. Shortly afterward, we enjoyed an authentic Mexican dinner, where we celebrated the birthday of, yours truly, Cole Strandberg. This morning, many of the guys worked off last nights meal at 4:30, while others went to a homeless outreach where they served breakfast. Many of the girls also held an impactful homeless women's bible study. Currently, we are on the way to Happy Trails RV Resort to square dance, followed by some hiking in Sedona. We will keep you updated as best as possible.

God is good, all the time!
All the time, God is good!