Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 4 Sunday Drive

Posted by: Seniors
" Not just your average Sunday Drive to Church"
We started the day early with a one hour and 45 minute- ride through the lush and scenic mountains. The drive is not the typical Sunday drive. There seems to be a lot of driving suggestions rather than laws. For example, it is a law to wear a helmet in the Dominican Republic; however, of the thousands of motorcycles we have seen, only about ten passengers have worn helmets. Three or four people on a motorcycle are not uncommon. There are interesting passing suggestions as well. Our driver, Freddy, is a Christian and is an excellent driver. We were not surprised to see a car that had hit an electric line on the highway. It was a reminder of the blessing of protection that has been on us. We sang a couple of songs in Iglesia Biblica Cienfuegos, the church in Santiago. The church pastor, Gumercindo, spoke on marriage and protecting it. After church we were able to give out toys, clothes, and hygiene items to all the kids in the church. They said that the church was missing about 25% of the congregation due to illnesses, colds, and the flu. A couple of hours later the youth group arrived back to church for a car wash to raise funds for a camping outing planned in a couple of weeks. Some of us helped and others went a block over to hand out tennis balls in a park and play basketball with some kids from the neighborhood. Some of our Spanish speaking students were able to talk and sing there as well. Sorry we could not upload any pictures, but we are using a broadband mobile phone and have been having a few difficulties with sharing the pictures. We had a long ride back to the mission house, but we were thankful for a great day, and the Lord's continued hand of protection that is on us! Tomorrow, we will be back to Santiago to work with the Christian school where Pastor Gumercindo is also the principal.