Monday, March 22, 2010

Snow Day!!!

Posted by: Pamela Saavedra & Gordon Stemper (Nicholas Casanova is our freelance Photographer & Mr. Hood is our Advisor )

The camp awoke to a "late " start and at 8:00 am we were all rushing to breakfast. After breakfast the class practiced memorizing Philippians chapter 3, and had a quiet time for prayer. Once devotions were finished, work started up immediately. The Long View Ranch needed a lot of stuff done: the dinning room floor painted, the horse's saddles polished, and the windows scrubbed. The class with an eager heart to serve, began to work.

Following the chores, we retired to the bunks and game room to enjoy some free time after a job well done. Once lunch was ready the class met in the dinning room, and enjoyed another excellent meal. During lunch we were informed paintball or horseback riding would have to be done today, instead of the proposed day, Tuesday. On the way to our cabins to get ready for our activities someone yelled out "snow!" We all looked up and realized it was snowing (something that is somewhat uncommon in Florida). However, it was a flurry that would never stay on the ground; it melted on contact. After a few more minutes of taking in the spectacle, we continued to get ready for the upcoming activities. The group separated for either horseback riding or paintball, but before the fun began we got some bittersweet news. Pop Pop Nelson, Mrs. Widmaier's father, who had just served us dinner last night, had passed away this morning -peacefully sitting in his chair with his coffee cup at his side. The activities were momentarily halted in sadness from the news. However, Pop Pop Nelson was a believer and he is now with the Lord in heaven also with his wife who went before him and for that knowledge we are grateful.

The snow was still falling during our activities and and many playing paintball found it hard to grip the metal gun in the snow, but overall paintball was exciting. The horseback riders also felt the chill of the snow, with their frozen hands and wet trails, but luckily the horses didn't seem to mind it at all. Once the paintballers ran out of gas, paintballs, and places to get shot the game was over. Also once the horseback riders were done with the trails they to retired back to the cabins to warm up and get ready for dinner. A wonderful dinner of smoked ham, potato casserole, warm rolls, and beans was served. Following dinner a collection of desserts from ice cream cake to cookies were also given to the enjoyment of the class.

After dinner we held a devotional time starting with Mrs. Widmaier's testimony of how her father came to Christ and how truly life could be changed. We followed that with music and then a group activity/ talking time. There we all shared our ideas and hurts were made known that were hidden before. The time together was truly a time for our class to grow stronger spiritually.
We can't believe it is our final day of work tomorrow. We have been incredibly blessed to be here at LVR.

SBS signing off.