Monday, March 22, 2010

So many adventures with little time to blog!

Sorry to the blog followers as we have been having such a wonderful time enjoying God"s creation that blogging has not been a priority.

Saturday we went off campus to the Lake Wales Care Center where we sorted many items and packed them into boxes that will be shipped to Haiti. It was humbling to know that what we did in a mere hour and a half would impact hundreds of people that have lost everything due to the earthquake.

After attending the Haitian Church on Sunday to worship, even the rain did not have an effect on the students' desire to play football and horse around.
As the evening rolled around, the rain let up and the students cleaned up, and we were able to attend Infusion which is a college worship service. We were invited to join them after service for a meal and strawberry shortcake! YUM! Indoor plumbing was also a real treat.

Where we all brushed our teeth...
Washed up before and after meals and chores...

Below is a picture of us outside the Haitian Church. The picture is minus Sam as he stayed behind with Mrs. D because he was a little under the weather. We are happy to report that he has rebounded and is back with the group and all the activities!!

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Today we will depart for home, of course after THE WALL!!