Sunday, April 06, 2014

Costa Rica DAY 3!!

Posted by: Rachel Kreisel and Jessica Halle

Hola from Costa Rica! The 3 groups broke off and went to their morning sites.  Group Fuego played a great game of soccer with a bunch of the kids and were able to share Christ’s love through songs, skits, and many piggy back rides. It is cool to see how although there is a language barrier, we can still love on the kids and have fun. Afterwards, all of the groups went to have a picnic lunch at Las Musas, a waterfall and waterpark.  The 400 foot waterfall was way to cold for these Floridians but we all enjoyed it. We then went back to our afternoon sites and played some more games. Now back and exhausted, we are all awaiting our usual meal of rice and beans. Hasta Mañana!

P.S. Mrs. G was just able to meet her sponsor child’s family and it was too precious.

Shout Outs:

- Isaac Ribiero- Hi Mom, I’m okay.
- Rachel Kreisel- HOLA MOMMACITA, I miss and love you and Dad. I met Dylan’s sponsor child, Aaron J (see picture below)
- Rosa Puente- Shoutout to mi madre for giving birth to me and sending me on this AMAZING trip, also I miss you…kinda!! Hi Sarah  miss you and tell my kids I miss them and cant wait to see them
- Kimmy Hummel- Hi mom and dad! I love and miss you guys so much! Thank you for sending me on this trip!
- Kylie says hi and I have a lot of pictures and I love you
- Josh says love you mommy and hi

Prayer Requests:
- energy
- more sponsorships

Counselor Nava's group - the Enforcers

Mr. Smith and Mrs. Sengberg's group - the Manatees

The little boy, Gito, clung to Dylan the entire day.

Lunch break at a beautiful waterfall.

Eating at the mission house.

Mrs. Gutierrez's group - El Fuego

Collin protecting himself from the elements and avoiding the dreading sunburn.

Rachel with Aaron, the little boy that her brother Dylan sponsors.

El Fuego at Linda Vista

The whole group

Dylan's sponsor child saying hello!