Monday, April 07, 2014

Fun, Rewarding Day at Florence Fuller

Posted by: Marianna Jane

After morning devotions, led by Elise Hadden & Matt Magalhães, who talked about the importance of having compassion for the children we were going to interact with, the local trip traveled over to both the East Florence Fuller Center and the West. Two groups were divided, amongst the local group, and at the East Florence Fuller Center, the first group headed straight into the classrooms to interact with the children. An interesting and cute quality about the classrooms was, each individual class was named something different, with names such as Lion King, Pooh Bear, and Snoopy. The children, at first, were slightly shy, but soon, they opened up to us. It took little to no time for them to start wanting us to watch them draw, sit with them, eat breakfast with them, and for the local mission girls with long hair, they wanted to play and braid their hair. Various classes read stories and after that time, it was time to head outside for recess.



Over at the West campus, where the second group served, 3 groups were divided amongst the students. The first two groups got to play with the children, teaching them how to write their names, drawing with them, and sharing story time with them. The third group helped to clean classrooms that needed to be cleaned.

When it was time to leave the East campus of Florence Fuller, it was hard to leave, even though we're going back tomorrow. Some kids would hold on to students legs, not letting go until they were told to by their teachers. Once departed, we went to have 620 subs for lunch and then walked across the street, from the school, to the White House, where youth group is held every Wednesday. The local missions group helped to organize clothing onto the appropriate shelves, in the garage. It was hot, and many of us were tired, but we pushed through it, with the help of each other.

Once we finished our various tasks at the Youth Group House, we finished our day debriefing in the resource room. We all had a wonderful day and we're all looking forward to working with the kids again!