Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ready, Aim and Fire!!

Posted by: Catie Fleres

So the day started with the hardest thing to do, getting out of bed. We were able to sleep in a little more today. For breakfast there were cinnamon muffins and bagels. We then did our daily devotions (Eph.3) and went to get ready for church. We were given an impacting sermon by Pastor Tootie from Disciples Point church. The church was not like your everyday church, it was in an old car dealership. It was the coolest thing and ever so different. We were able to eat an Italian themed potluck which they all provided for us!

When we got back from church, we went right into paint ball. Many of us had never even played before, so we were a little nervous. Even if you were experienced or not, the one person that you did not want to mess with was Mr. Hood. We all had a blast and it was a little painful, but no one cared, as long as they were having fun. When the shooting was over and the guns were put away, we had a very Mexican dinner. As dinner was over, we continue to work on memorizing verses from Ephesians and did it in small groups tonight. After that we enjoyed our praise and worship and discussed our notes from this mornings devos.  As the night is concluding, we still are playing our games. We are all having a competitive game of signs in the dining hall!

From the Sophomores class to You, Good Night!