Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Serving With an Open Heart

Posted by: Marianna

Our Tuesday morning started with devotions, led by Kori Clark and Victoria Olivera. They discussed, with our local missions group, that it is better to give than to receive, which applies greatly to the missions work we've all been completing. After debriefing, with Mr. Mockler and Mrs. Lake, we loaded into the bus and drove over to the East Campus, where the first group of students were dropped off. As soon as everybody got there, we headed into our classes we served in yesterday. The children were eager to play with us again, and if possible, were even more energetic than the day prior. Similiar to yesterday, the local missions students played with the children in the classroom, which involved drawing, learning cards, and playing house. Over in the West Campus, the second group actually got to play with the children today, which was something they were excited about, because they helped clean classrooms yesterday and weren't able to. Once our time with the kids ran out, it was time for lunch.


After stopping for lunch at Tijuana Flats, the local missions traveled to Boca Glades church. A group of students helped to clean various rooms within the building, and some tended to the areas that needed work outside. Soon, everybody ended up outside, where we all helped to pick weeds and vines from the various areas around the church, beautifying the area. Once we were finished serving, we boarded the bus and headed back to Boca Christian. Overall, the day was very tiring, but we all enjoyed interacting with the children, and working together to complete the various tasks appointed to us, while we served others with an open heart!