Monday, April 07, 2014

Spring Cleaning and Movie Watching

Posted by: Catie Fleres and Joy Smith

Another day for working for God in 47 degrees and raining! We woke up today to see that there was rain going over the mountains that made it look mystical and gets you to realize all that God has given us. When we got to the dining hall, there were pancakes and sausage and a Biblical lesson on why to obey authority. We then did our daily devotions and are ever closer to memorizing out bible verses.

For the work that we did today is that we went to the Boys and Girls Club and did all the spring cleaning. We cleaned the halls, scrubbed gym mats, mopped under the snack machines, pumped air into the basketballs, dusted all the different rooms, organized t-shirts, and cleaned out the lost and found.  While sorting the lost and found, we discovered a 9XL sweatshirt, and had fun theorizing how many people could fit in it.   After all that cleaning, we played basketball and knockout.  We had such a great time!

After lunch, we went back to Long View to do some more burning of fallen wood in the paths of the forest. After it was all finished, some of us went hiking or went to play games in the game room, but the one thing that many of us enjoyed the most today is that we were able to learn how to do archery ( to bring out the inner Katniss Everdeen). It was loads of fun!

For dinner, we got to try something a little different... corn pudding! For dessert (the best part of the meal) we had banana pudding. Yummy! As we finished up the night with praise and worship and devotions, we watched the movie 42. We enjoyed delicious homemade kettle corn! Looking forward to final day of work tomorow - can't believe its almost over.

From the Sophomore class to You, Good Night!