Monday, March 26, 2007

Last day in Lake Wales

Posted by: Nick H

Today we did several community services around the HEART village. Our tasks were anything from helping the gardens to clearing the lake of fish (which required wading neck-deep in mud, algae, and water). All the jobs were hard work and we were glad to take a break for lunch! (Side note from Mr. Hood--Some students got to learn how to drive stick shift on the open farm roads!) After lunch we packed and cleaned our cabins before departing for the missions retirement village, called SIM (Sudan Inland Mission).

At the retirement community, we were given the opportunity to listen to former missionaries talk about their experiences in Africa. They discussed what they had done in their mission field. We really learned a lot about missions in general, but also how a missionary's job is to integrate into a foreign culture with different kinds of people. Everyone enjoyed the trip and are looking forward to similar experiences in the future. We would also like to say hello to everyone's favorite dude, Scuba Steve.

Freshman mission trip 2007, over and out!

Josh For the Lake Wales team